New Start Up Group:
6 – 8 people max
Date: Monday 12th April 2021
Time: 7.30 – 8.30pm
Cost: €100.00

The Group

  • A commitment to attend the full duration of the course is a requirement as best as possible. This is in support of the group as a whole.
  • The opportunity for each person to participate in the group to share their story, circumstances, and situation is welcomed. This invites trust within the group for each person being heard, and supported with clear intention.
  • The group designate a particular time each morning of 5 Minutes to sit with focused attention on the intended outcome/ healing requested by the person.

It is now widely recognized through the field of science the healing effects of group intentions. Ref: Lynn McTaggart (The Intention Experiment) Moving through present changing times (often mentally alone) can be challenging for most of us.

An antidote to our many stressors can come from a sharing space or intention. The shared intention of a group elevates each individual. When one or more gather with the intention to heal and grow, great shifts can occur. The group’s collective energy has a massive impact.

Through small group gatherings, we get an opportunity to flesh out what keeps us from seeing what lies beyond the old and familiar ways of thinking. We then set out our clear intentions which are supported by the group as a whole. This is a powerful way for us to support each other and heal ourselves.

Life is a continual healing process. We get to return to the flow of life within our ease through support clear guidance and intention.

Comments About The Course

I felt so supported with my present situation. I had the opportunity to talk through what was going on in my mind and effecting my overall interest in life really . It gave me space to see a clearer view of how I was seeing my situation. I had a purpose each morning in connecting to others. I so enjoyed the quiet focused time each morning while supporting the person. It took me out of my incessant thinking about Covid

Lovely feeling of being able to support a person from the each day, gave me purpose to my day in many ways. The group made it easy for me to speak from the heart, mainly because that was how others spoke. I’m not always good at that! Especially on zoom, yet it felt amazing to touch into the core of this group. It felt I had known them for much of my life. I didn’t feel so alone, it was invaluable to be part of such sharing.

Cut myself off from my friends, didn’t want to talk to anyone because of my difficult situation. I saw that pattern through another in the group who voiced a similar habit. This platform gave me the opportunity to voice something that needed to be voiced.

I was so nervous initially since I didn’t know anyone in the group. But in the end that worked for me, I felt I could speak at a level that I wouldn’t have done before now.


My perceptions about this type of group being’ heavy’ was totally misleading. It had a healthy balance between being serious and light-hearted. Being able to open up and voice my real concerns has given me confidence and a core relationship with these wonderful people.