My work in the field of supporting people newly diagnosed with cancer, their family and friends has spanned over twenty-five years.

I worked as a senior therapist in Arc House both in Eccles Street and South Circular Road. I have no hesitation in expression my heartfelt appreciation to the many hundreds of people who came through the door in both houses. Whether in group format or one to one sessions the relationships formed had authentic depth and were rich in discovery.

When we are met with heretofore-unexpected life challenges we open to the wider and more expansive view of our lives and ourselves. Questions such as: Who am I? What is my life all about? What may I be missing or need to become aware of right now?

I have been privileged to witness how many people held cancer as an opportunity to stand back from the autopilot unconscious life style into a richer domain of depth and self aware skills.

If you or a loved one are presently in need of cancer support therapy I would be delighted to have a chat by phone or email.