Mindful therapy established by Rita O’Donovan offers a calm and relaxed space in which to explore any difficulties, anxieties or other situations you find yourself going through at this present time in your life.

Mindful therapy helps to explore any present or immediate issues you may wish to work on or perhaps developing a further awareness and capacity to understanding yourself in a clearer light. Mindful therapy offers a non judgmental, authentic warm and caring place for you to take that first step.

It can be a difficult yet rewarding experience to acknowledge the need for help and support at certain times in our lives. The rewarding part is the sense of empowerment that accompanies the first steps of being proactive in dealing with our problem, rather than turning a blind eye.

While it takes a lot of courage to take the first step towards seeking support and help. It can be helpful to be aware that as a professionally trained therapist for over twenty years an important part of our training is in dealing with our own processes, and in the realization of how difficult that step can be.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any questions you might have without any obligation to make an appointment. An initial session can be booked if you are interested in going forward after our conversation.

I adhere to the strict code of ethics and practice as outlined by the UK Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainer Newwork, Guidance for Good Practice 2010