Mindfulness At Your Company – Now Part of the Job Spec!


Steve Jobs did it. Richard Branson does it. Oprah Winfrey, Google Managers and employees are amongst the many ongoing companies participating in daily mindfulness practices to help keep on top of daily busy work schedules.

In to-days round the clock business atmosphere, employees are under intense pressure to deliver more with less, work longer hours, and be more innovative. Unfortunately there is a cost sooner or later to this constant push!

People are showing signs of EXHAUTION!
People are showing signs of BURNOUT!
People are showing signs of STRESS!

Numerous studies have shown this to be one of the major concerns amongst the workforce (Roger Starch 2000 Global Survey) Stress related disorders costing businesses and industries substantial amounts of money.

Approach to the working environment. Ongoing research into companies who have adapted a strategy towards helping managers and employees sustain a healthy mental attitude in relation to their work and personal environments is well now well established.

Should you wish to contact me regarding setting up a programme that is suitable for your company and its time frame, please fell free to contact me.


A Wellness Programme for Busy People

Unfortunately, our current definition of “success” has created a culture of stress and burnout. This model has had consequences for both staff and employers and has been well documented over the years.

Forward thinking companies such as Virgin, Google are now recognising the benefits incurred by paying attention to these statistics by creating psychologically healthy workplaces. Re-evaluating work practices by providing employees with resources that support well being which result in positive performances.

A recent study as part of the Virgin Group discovered a strong link between employees psychological wellness resulting in increased job moral, lower absenteeism, commitment and performance. Employers are beginning to understand the link between well being and performance and how much both are inextricably linked.

The training we offer have been subject to considerable research. There have been thousands of studies conducted on various aspects of mindfulness and on this basis, we can say with some confidence that mindfulness training enhances the following:

  • Enhances focus and attention more effectively
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Cultivates creativity

The Skills We Teach

  • To listen more attentively
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Direct your thoughts more appropriately
  • Focus the mind more consistently
  • Empathise more readily
  • Observing Autopilot Mode of mind and conditioned reactions.

The above skills make for greater all round effectiveness which benefits colleagues, team work, clients and customer service.

Lunchtime Taster Session

We offer a “Lunchtime Taster Session” for management and employees. This session is to inform staff of the benefits of participating in a Mindfulness programme and its effects on psychological health and wellness.