I would like to present simple mindfulness skills to reduce stress and improve the overall quality of your life. The workshops I facilitate introduce a discussion and wider understanding of the effects of on going stress on our health and well being. Through practices of gentle movement, learning to quieten the mind through meditation techniques and breathing skills.

I am delighted to give your group whether from a working environment, or ladies club, retirement groups etc. an introductory ‘taster session’ on the benefits of living a more mindful way towards coping with stress and many health challenges. The practice of mindfulness helps us see more deeply and clearly into our lives.


Mindfulness Workshops and Seminars

Rita ODonovan is a mindfulness speaker and workshop facilitator based in Dublin, Ireland. In her engaging and interactive workshops and keynotes, participants learn about mindful living, stress reduction, emotional intelligence and how to cultivate more resilience and focus.

Presentations can be one hour, two hours, half day, full day or two days. Workshops and keynotes can be tailored to suit your organisation’s specific needs.


Topics Rita can speak on include:


Rita speaking at a Climate Change Conference

The Seven Principles of Working Mindfully

Learn how to integrate mindfulness into work (and life) in easy and practical ways. Discover simple mindfulness practices that can be used to find focus, handle stress better and bring more fulfillment to each day.

The Art of Mindful Living In A Frantic World

We live in a demanding, fast paced and ever-changing world. Learn tips and techniques for bringing more calm, clarity, focus and awareness into a busy life.