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Small group gatherings to enrich our lives

My name is Rita O’Donovan and I would like to share some information with you regarding my work within the community.

I am presently working and developing small intimate group gatherings. The aim mainly based upon how we go about improving our personal lives. As facilitator of such small group gatherings over many years now, I am still constantly surprised at the significant changes of clarity, insight and learning that take’s place in such intimate gatherings.

Finding a welcoming space that holds genuine support and connection is key to unfolding, or unlocking that which may need clarity or as mentioned recently by one participant “It felt like I had a hand(s) to my back ’ supporting me in a clear outcome.

A Brief Synopsis of a ‘Circle of Collective Support’ Approach:

For those interested in joining a group, an invitation to chat by phone or a zoom call is recommended to enable further detail and clarity. (087-8098070)

  • Groups of between eight to ten maximum to secure a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment.
  • Weekly meetup – eight to ten weeks.
  • Monthly gatherings – supports continued group connection
  • Cost : 200 euro

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough” Mae West

Rita O’Donovan is a professionally trained Mindfulness Meditation Teacher; Post Grad MBSR/MBCT. NLP Masters. Yoga Dip.


A little about me:

I have worked for twenty years as a therapist, teacher of mindfulness and cancer support counsellor. I was drawn to the healing arts throughout much of my life and have spent many years learning and exploring various mindfulness and well being fields such as Yoga, Relaxation, Neuro Linguistic Programme and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. The key for me is to be authentic in my skills and real in my approach to those who find the courage to seek support. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you are interested in any of the mindfulness and well being services I provide. Click here to learn more about my background. Scroll down to read my latest blog posts.

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